The Monmouth/Waldbronn Twinning Association

    Twinning  is a special relationship set up with communities of similar sizes and situations in other countries. Its aim is to foster friendships between people with a view to understanding each other’s culture and way of life.
    Our German twin town is Waldbronn situated in South-West Germany, in the northern end of the Black Forest in the District of Karlsruhe in Baden-Wurttemburg.  The Monmouth/Waldbronn twinning dates back to 1986, then in 1987  a party of Waldbronners came to Monmouth and attended a performance of ’ Bordertown’, a play to commemorate the 600th anniversary of the birth, in Monmouth Castle,  of Henry V.  This visit was followed by a reciprocal visit from the town, to Waldbronn including the Monmouth Band and the Forest of Dean Morris Men.
    Since then there have been visits in alternate years.  In this year of the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics it is the turn of our German friends to visit us. Naturally we have to entertain them culturally and socially, and so we need to raise money to pay for trips, such as one this year, to the final concert of the “Three Choirs Festival”. This visit lasts for 5 days, some of which will be spent with the host families and on other days different outings have been arranged.
     Our past visits to Waldbronn, have included memorable trips to Baden-Baden Heidelberg and its Castle, and the Karlsruhe Museum, a visit to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, trips on the river Neckar and visits to local vineyards.  We have reciprocated with trips to various interesting and beautiful places around our region.
    The Twinning group is anxious to recruit new members of all ages. We intend to hold other events for fun and fundraising.  Our first social event this year was an Italian themed evening held at a member’s home.  We also have had a Quiz night at the Green Dragon and as outlined above, a concert with the Narth Singers and the Osbaston Junior School Choir, other events are in the pipeline! 
    Throughout the years lasting friendships have been formed between people from Monmouth and Waldbronn.  Last year we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Twinning Association with a visit to our German Twin, where we were treated as honoured guests and entertained royally.
    If you would like to know more about the Monmouth/Waldbronn Twinning Association and perhaps, to join us, please use the contact form,on this Website.